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Just get out there and play. GAME GOLF works in the background so you can keep your head in the game. It records each shot and collects your stats to tell you how you did on every hole. Simply attach our GAME GOLF tags to your golf clubs and our automatic shot tracking system will do the rest.

Game Golf Live - GPS Golf app game
Check your score out when youre out on the course using Game Golf Live


Attack every round with your best and GAME GOLF will analyze it. From tee to green, you’ll get an advanced view of your stats, fairway accuracy, scrambling percentages, and shot dispersion for all clubs and yardages. You’ll visualize your game like never before and learn the insights you need to progress.


Bragging rights enabled. Now you can share that huge drive on hole 14 with your friends, followers, and family. Each game you play can become a showcase of progress or accomplishments. With full access to the community on the GAME GOLF platform, your game is no longer limited to the people you play with.

Share your golf score with your friends using Game Golf Live
Compete with your friends when youre out on the green


Benchmark to the index you want to be and know exactly what you need to do to get there. See how you stack up against others by viewing the side-by-side comparison online. Much more than basic stats, you can view the strengths and weaknesses of other players and even the pros.


Up the stakes in this weekend’s foursome or challenge a friend on the other side of the world. Whether you’re playing for fun or playing to win, you can virtually compete in a skills challenge with anyone–even our pros. Join an existing one or create your own–just pick the time and place.

Game golf live's app shows your course in real-time
Play your best shot using Game Golf Live


Take this weekend's foursome to a new level with Live Leaderboards. Invite your foursome to play using the GAME GOLF App; instantly track your scores (no more paper and pen) in the most popular game formats and share with friends on Facebook, Twitter and more. The Live Leaderboard automatically accounts for handicaps among players and makes the weekend gaming more seamless and fun.

Damn it feels good to be this good at golf


GAME GOLF will give you the valuable insights needed to up your game. Quickly discover your strengths and be motivated by your weaknesses. Whether you’re on your way to break 80 or just actively working on your game, our platform can help you reach your next milestone.



GAME GOLF LIVE tracking device

18 NFC tags to attach to your clubs

USB cable

Protective Pouch

Ratings & Reviews

Customer Reviews and Ratings

  • Dave 11th June 2018

    Improved my game!

    Easy-to-use, affordable way to improve your game!

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